Lee Landis

October 16, 2015

Sales & Marine Specialist

Lee grew up in Portland Oregon, he has been riding 2 wheel motorized vehicles for since he was 11 years old. In the past 66 years Lee has raced in the Baja 1000 on a 1990 XR600 and in a pickup truck. He also has also raced on the flat track, motocross and cross country. On top of his motorcycle racing, Lee has also dabbled in sport car racing in the Sport Car Club of America(SCCA).

In his past he has owned  Honda, Yamaha, Husky, Montessa, Matchless, Bultaco, CZ, Triumph, and BSA motorcycles. With 40 years of working in the motorcycle industry his scope of knowledge can not be matched. This year Lee has been with the Honda Centre for 15 years!

At 80 years old, Lee still loves riding motorcycles and also races sailboats.

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