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Honda 4AHSHNC Portable Outboard Short Shaft

Price: $1,899.00

Portability, performance, reliability and user-friendliness are the hallmarks of this new portable engine model; the BF4 four-stroke outboard. The new BF4 is easy to start, easy to stop and easy to carry thus making it ideal for small fishing boats, inflatables and as an auxiliary motor. The new sleek design, the 1.5 L internal (built-in) fuel tank and the latest technology ensure the best-in-class performer title. It is available with either a short (38 cm/15 in.) or long (51 in.) shaft. Also, the consumers have the choice of an additional three different propeller options for the style that best fits their boating needs. The new BF4 with its smooth and quiet run, its longest continuous running time in its class and its technologies and features will deliver customers class-leading performance, reliability and ease of use for their small boats and inflatables.

Single cylinder, 15″ short shaft, manual start, tiller handle, integral fuel tank (1.5 L)

  • swap_vertFeatures

    1. donePerformance and Efficiency
    2. done Honda Four-Stroke Engine Design
    3. done World-renowned Honda quality combines proven reliability with one-cylinder, 127 cubic centimeter engine block and benefit from the Honda 4-stroke engine technology expertise.
    4. done Lightweight, Compact Design
    5. done The Honda BF4 is among the lightest in its class at 27 kg (59 lbs). It is not just among the lightest in its class but is exceptionally easy to carry as a result of its redesigned carrying handle shape. This model can be carried either positioned front to back or left to right, allowing for easy transport and installation. When it comes to storage of the engine, the tiller handle can fold up and down in a variety of positions; folding down facilitates the stowing of the engine, particularly in tight storage compartments. In addition, as an auxiliary outboard, it can be easily stowed and away from the elements, rather than kept on the boat’s transom bracket. The all-new BF4 portable outboard provide class-leading performance in a compact design for a wide range of marine applications from leisure to emergency use. The BF4 is well-suited for different types of small boats including skiffs, inflatable boats and dinghies.
    6. done Large-Displacement, Single-Cylinder Engine
    7. done Packed with the latest technology from Honda, the 127 cc, 4-stroke, single cylinder engine, the BF4 is a compact, lightweight engine, with excellent low- to mid-range power. Small in size but big in power, the BF4 provides efficient acceleration and high levels of torque.
    8. done Transistorized Ignition

    1. done Maintenance-free, high-energy output for quick and easy starts.
    2. done Reliability and Durability
    3. done Oil Alert System
    4. done To help protect the engine, the Honda BF4 outboard also feature an Oil Alert System that indicates low oil pressure. When low oil is detected, the system will automatically limit the engine speed to 2,300 rpm and a signal is sent to the user (oil alert warning light). This standard warning system protects the engine from severe damage during a low engine-oil situation and provides boaters peace of mind.
    5. done Fresh Water Flushport
    6. done Allows easy hook-up to fresh water supply to flush debris and salt water out of the engine, extending the life of the outboard (optional Flush Kit required)
    7. done Efficient Fuel Tank Cooling
    8. done The cover of the all-new Honda BF4 is designed to effectively cool the internal fuel tank by facilitating the flow of cool air around the engine. During operation, ambient (cool) air is taken in under the engine’s cover and channeled toward the fuel tank. At the same time, hot air produced by the engine is directed away from the fuel tank and into the carburetor where it is mixed with cool air.
    1. done Shallow-Water Drive
    2. done Greatly reduces the risk of engine damage while navigating in shallow water.
    3. done Sacrificial Anode
    4. done A sacrificial anode is mounted on the anti-ventilation plate of the lower unit. It is used to protect other metal components on the outboard from corrosion. The anode must be exposed to the water in order to protect the outboard motor.
    5. done Three-Year Warranty
    6. done The best outboards in the industry are backed by the best warranty in the business, 3 years parts and labour. Honda's coverage is non-declining!! Our warranty provides top to bottom coverage and is the same on the last day as it is on the first!!
  • swap_vertSpecifications

      Type 4-Stroke, OHV, 1 Cylinder / 2 Valves, water cooled
      Displacement 127 cc / 7.75 cubic in.
      Bore & Stroke 60 mm x 45 mm (2.36 x 1.77 in.)
      Full Throttle RPM Range 4,500-5,500 RPM
      Propshaft Rated Horsepower (HP) 4 hp @ 5,000 RPM
      Cooling System Water cooling with thermostat
      Fuel Delivery 1 Carburetor
      Recommended Fuel Unleaded Gas. (Min. Pump Octane 86)
      Tank Capacity 1.5 L (0.33 Imp. gal.)
      Ignition System Digital CDI
      Starting System Recoil
      Exhaust Under Water, above propeller
      Lubrication Trochoid pump pressure lubrication
      Recommended Oil SAE 10W30 FC-W® or API service classification SJ or later
      Oil Capacity 0.55 L (0.48 Imp. qt)
      Transom angle 5-Stage adjustment (4°-8°-12°-16°-20°)
      Tilt up Angle (when transom angle at 12°) 3-Stage adjustment (18°- 34°- 58°)
      Steering Angle 45° right and left

  • swap_vertAdditional Information

      The listed Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices (MSRP) do not include installation costs and applicable taxes.
      Prices are subject to change without notice.
      Inbound Freight and PDI $52, Taxes PST/GST (12%)