Certified Trainer-Competitor-Mechanic-Warehouseman

December 28, 2017

Coach Off Road Training Centre

The Honda Centre is seeking a certified instructor and competitive rider for, its off-road Training facility and Honda Centre Racing.

The position is an active one, and the instructor will compete in Canadian and International Trials and Enduro-Cross events, run the training program, work in the shop and other duties as required.

The position is like that off a playing coach on a sports team.

Preference, will given, to those have placed, 1st  in International Trials and Enduro-Cross events.

The candidate must have experience in a motorcycle shop, assembling and, maintaining and repairing both off road and street motorcycles and power equipment.  Fork lift warehousing experience is an asset.

You must be in excellent health, must have a valid certified Instructor certificate, competitive license, driver’s license, both car and motorcycle license and be free of any criminal offence.

The successful candidate will be by-lingual and be able to communicate in two of the following, English, French, Farsi, Italian.

This is a full-time position and pays an hourly rate of 25.95 Can per hour.

About the Honda Centre

Established in 1965, The Honda Centre is a Honda Motorcycle, Marine and Power Equipment dealer in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

Send your resume and competitive accomplishments to be email to :

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