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2015 Honda CTX700T (CTX700TAF)

Price: $8,999.00 Sale price: $6,999.00

Price is MSRP and does not include Inbound freight and PDI: $695
the BC tire Levy or taxes PST&GST (12%)

VIN: D0CTX2015 | Stock: D0CTX2015

2015 CTX700T

For a limited time with, the Honda Advantage Loyalty Program, you may qualify for financing as low as 0%.

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Anybody who thinks touring bikes need to be two-wheeled motorhomes hasn’t seen a Honda CTX700T. Here’s a machine that embraces the best of motorcycling: light weight, low seat height, superior weather protection, plenty of easy-to-use power, and best of all, the freedom that comes when you strap on a helmet, slip into your favorite leather jacket, and get out on the road.

But the CTX700T isn’t just for vacations. Versatility is what this Honda does best. Equipped with a full fairing, it provides superior comfort and weather protection when you’re spending a long day in the saddle. The laid-back riding position, including the forward-set hand controls and footpegs, help make it comfortable for relaxed street rides. And a full range of Honda Genuine Accessories lets you set it up with saddlebags, backrests, and just about any other touring- or comfort-related feature you could ever want.

  • swap_vertFeatures

    1. doneLarge Capacity Smooth Handling
    2. done The low-rpm, high-torque engine is eerily smooth and produces the kind of effortless power you can use to carry that special someone, and luggage for two, across town or across the country. Concern over fuel costs won't cut into your relaxation on longer trips. Extensive use of friction-reduction technology, advanced combustion control focused around a sophisticated fuel injection system and an overdrive six-speed transmission mean the CTX delivers exceptional, class leading fuel economy.
    3. done
    4. done Small Bike Handling
    5. done Unique engine architecture, with parallel cylinders canted forward by 62 degrees, offers a remarkably low centre-of-gravity, making the CTX feel smaller, lighter and easier to handle than its size would suggest.
    6. done
    7. done Anti-Lock Breaking System
    8. done Powerful front and rear disc brakes feature Honda’s advanced ABS system, offering levels of performance, safety and peace of mind in all weather conditions.

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      Priced Shown are MSRP and do not include Freight or PDI, $560, BC Tire Levy, $10 or taxes PST/GST (12%)
      Limited Supply