The Beginning

The original owner and president Franta Juhan, was a motorcycle speedway champion when he opened his first motorcycle shop in Prague, Czechoslovakia in 1938. Franta, was a world class rider competing in multiple events including, Speedway, GP Road Racing, Ice Racing and Trials.

After immigrating to Canada Franta’s Brother Jaroslav, who won the Prestigious Pan America Road Race for Porsche, and, raced Ferrari at Le Mans, may have pressured him, towards car industry. But his love of motorcycling drove him to open another motorcycle shop. Generations of loyal customers are glad he did.

Why Honda?

Franta, with his many contacts throughout the world of motorsports, could have been a dealer for almost any brand. In the early sixties Honda was in it’s infancy, in North America, and sold through distributors, including  Vancouver’s Trev Deely.  So why Honda?

It was the racing pedigree that drew Franta, to Honda. He knew that the engineering marvels like, the unbelievable RC166 250cc six cylinder winning world championships, would eventually filter down to Honda’s production products.

As we know today, that was an astute observation. In the early sixties however, the market was dominated by British and American brands at that time which made Honda a risky choice.

He chose Honda for many of the reasons you do today; Honda provides clean, efficient, well engineered, reliable transportation.

The fact that Honda used racing as part of its engineering process endeared them to him. He believed that this racing technology would filter down into production motorcycles, which would transform Honda to become into a world leader in transportation.


Today after 50 years of selling and servicing Honda, we agree!

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